Brand Story
At a silent night, the founder, Mr. Tsurumaki, who was busy after the whole day without having a proper meal looking at the closed restaurants on the street and think it would be grateful if there was something health, delicious and satiate main food.
Within the thought, there comes a chance to fulfill the idea. Mr. Tsurumaki holds the spirit of "Shokunin",developing a whole new product "TOOFUU" with Japanese exclusive technology.

Brand Concept
➢ To display the spirit of "Shokuiku", learning related information about food and the ability to choose food through a variety of experience and cultivating the person who can fulfill the perfect diet life are the essences of "Shokuiku" and also the proud thought of the founder.
➢DOMMYS Co., Ltd. continues to work towards the achievement of the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) through our business activities. The SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) have inseparable connection with society. TOOFUU dedicates to eradicating poverty, inequality, and injustice, protecting the global environment, and creating an economy and livable cities where everyone can work and live.