【Low- carbohydrate diets】

<What are low-carbohydrate diets?>
Why we  keep   mentioning  that Toofuu noodles are low-carbohydrate food?
Beacuse low- carbohydrate diets become popular now.
People get used to take rice and noodles as main dishes which are hig-carbohydrate food .
And the high-carbohydrate food will  make our blood sugar go up quickly after meal which will bring some problems like fat, diabetes,  hyperlipidemia,  hypertension and high blood sugar.

<The advantages of low-carbohydrate diet>
Simply put that  if we low down carbohydrate the blood sugar will be steady  which makes  us  not feel hungry easily and also turn energy mode into burning fat.

What are the differences between carbohydrate and sugar?
Carbohydrate includes nutrients like starch, vegetable, fruit and whole grain.
Sugar doesn't include nutrients but sweet like  granulated sugar and fructose.
Our body need some good carbohydrate to work  so we have to eat whole food to get good starch.
Try to have TOOFUU noodles as main dish for  one meal one day.
It contains 18.8g protein and only 1.2g carbohydrate in 100g TOOFUU noodles.
You are on your way to low-carbohydrate diets and getting protein, dietary minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber at the same time.

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