【About Fat】

Fat is an important ingredient for our body cells and organs.
It can adjust the   physiological function and provide essential fatty acid that human body needs.
Fat is not bad but the point is to choose the right fat.

There are three kinds of fatty acid below:
Saturated fatty acid: Exist most in animal-based or plant-based oil which may increase the risk of heart disease after taking too much.→Whole milk/  Butter /  Fatty meat
Trans fat : The worst fat for health. →Fried food  /  Solid shorten for frying
As the law, it can be marked as 0g if it is under 0.3g in 100g.
Unsaturated fatty acid : Reduce cholesterol,   anti-inflammatory 
  →Nuts / Avocado / Plant-based oil
You may take unsaturated fatty acid as bad fat, however it is the best fat for human body.

As the same 100g meat, the content of unsaturated fatty acid : Tofu noodles > Beef > Pork > Salmon
and tofu noodles also have the smallest content of fat.   
The  great points of TOOFUU noodles are low carbohydrate/ high protein and great fat.
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